Add a personal touch to your handbag and monogram the initals of yourself or a loved one. 

I use the classic Kingsley stamping machine picture here.

kingsley stamping machine for leather, heat embossed, monograming and personalization

This is a vintage stamping model that was manufactured in the 1940s and it still produces the best quality embossed heat stamp.

To Order Your Monogram

Only certain items are able to have a monogram added. Choose the product that includes the monogram from the dropdown menu on the product page.

Monograms are an additional charge of $30.

At checkout enter your desired monogram in the Notes field. Monograms will be capitalized and can be up to 20 characters in length.

 Examples of Monograms

monogramed leather crossbody handbag, personalized mary savel

monogrammed leather knocker tote bag, mary savel leathergoods